We are narrative strategy consultants. Bold Stories is our way of merging our individual expertise in strategy and in storytelling into a structured model that can fulfil your needs — including the most complex ones.

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We don’t have a physical office so we can stay agile and move at the speed of our ideas. Cristina is based in Milan and Giuditta is based in Prato. We can meet in either of these two cities, or we can come to you, or we can meet online.

The Bold Stories Experience is made up of three key moments:

  • Focus on the objectives
  • Consultancy based on the Bold Stories Model®
  • Follow up on what has been analyzed and developed and our strategic guidelines

Contact us and we will explain everything in detail.

Yes, thanks to the digital world it is possible to have the entire experience remotely too.


Contact us and we will explain everything in detail.

Allows you to identify concrete and feasible areas and actions for improvement, innovation and growth.

Efficiency and effectiveness
Allows you to work on the identity of brands, teams and people. Provides clear and shared indications on which are the most effective and high-performing stories to be told, and therefore which projects to pursue, and how best to do so.

Optimization of time and effort
Allows you to extract a lot of insight and information in a concentrated amount of time, in an in-depth and structured way — a process that normally requires large investments of time and resources, and also has a high probability of not managing to bring the key players together.

Upon request, we can activate our network of professionals and coordinate them according to your needs and requirements.

  • Together, we can devise a communication campaign for your brand through one of our Bold Stories Strategy Labs in order to provide clear and exhaustive indications to the agencies or freelancers you already work with.
  • Upon request, we can manage the operativity of the communication strategy by activating and coordinating our network of professionals directly.

Of course! The Bold Stories Model® is perfect for start-ups to pinpoint their identity, clarify their objectives, analyze their resources and decide on the right steps to take to achieve success.

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The asterisk at the end of a word is a symbol of inclusion because it transcends grammatical gender in the Italian language. We believe in the power of authenticity and the strength that comes from being true to oneself all the way, instead of being easily defined by a label. This is why we chose to use the asterisk, even if it’s sometimes harder to read: to remind ourselves that we are all unequivocally different. And that’s okay.

Whoever you are, you will be welcome here. We are bold, you are bold.

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There are no stupid questions, just uninteresting answers. Those who dare to be bold respect both.
/ Cristina Maurelli and Giuditta Rossi, co-founders, Bold Stories.