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Be bold with us.

Thanks to our Bold Stories Model® you will be able to identify your objectives, analyze scenarios, focus on themes linked to Diversity & Inclusion, build your own narrative and find the best strategy to achieve success. You have the expertise in your field, we provide you with a tool to identify effective and cohesive strategies.

Bold Stories Experience

Think like a storyteller and reach your objectives in just two days. An experiential, immersive process that allows you to produce a strategy book with analysis, guidelines and areas for development. Fast, fun, high-performance.

May the power of stories be with you!

What adventure awaits you?

Implementing a winning strategy becomes an adventure to live through like a character in a movie. Follow all the screenwriters’ steps to reach the happy ending!

Discover which Bold Character you are thanks to our Bold Stories Test and build the storytelling that is the best match for you — one that is exciting, inspiring and coherent with your positioning.


You can also use our Bold Stories Model® as a tool for growth in Diversity & Inclusion projects.

Turn by turn of events, you will invent the story that narrates the future you would like to see, and devise strategies to actually make it come true.

Choose the Experience that is right for you

  • Brand Edition: identity work on the brand and its real assets in order to pinpoint strategies, transformations and changes that will grow your business.
  • Team Edition: strengthen the internal bonds of your team while enhancing diversities and indi-vidual talents as assets to tackle a specific business challenge in an innovative way.
  • Personal Branding Edition: we guide you in crafting an individual identity in order to focus in on your professional future and determine what strategies to pursue.

Project manager

Identify new pathways and establish the direction your project will take. You will build an original, high-performance strategic foundation.

Innovation manager

Test new products, services and solutions. Empower your team with a tool to explore every scenario, anticipating obstacles and challenges.

HR manager

Place value on your people with an inclusive methodology that highlights and enhances diversity as an asset to achieving your company’s goals.

Bold Stories Strategy Lab

Did the Experience whet your appetite? Like every good story, it has a sequel!

Choose our Strategy Lab as a new adventure to be experienced.

Specific strategy-related products in different sectors and applications, including:

  • BRANDING LAB: focusing on all the strategic elements needed to build your brand. An in-depth intensive process, ideal for companies in a start-up or rebranding phase.

  • DIVERSITY & INCLUSION LAB: understanding biases and prejudices by discovering how films, series and advertising can influence our ways of thinking and of seeing others with their storytelling.

  • COMMUNICATION LAB: how to structure the strategy you need — from awareness to employer branding, from integrated product strategies to corporate social responsibility.

  • STORYTELLING THINKING LAB: quickly testing the best scenarios in order to reach a specific business objective, following the steps that screenwriters use to create successful stories.


Entrepreneurs and CEOs, directors of communication, marketing, sales, HR, innovation and sustainability, art directors


Automotive, banking, beauty, design, energy & utilities, entertainment, fashion, food & beverage, large-scale retail, health & pharma, insurance, luxury, tech, textiles, transportation


Large caps and multinationals, SMEs, start-ups, non-profits, public administrations and entities, institutions, schools and universities, research institutes and organizations, museums

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Your business deserves the boldest possible version of you. What are you waiting for?
/ Cristina Maurelli and Giuditta Rossi, co-founders, Bold Stories.