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Branding and
Narrative Strategies

Be bold, be you.

We build your success with the power of stories.

Nothing requires more courage than authenticity.
We want brands and people to experience the story that is the best fit for them and to make conscious, authentic and inspiring choices thanks to the power of transformative imagination.

We are a consulting brand that helps businesses, teams and people achieve their goals and implement their projects through narrative strategies that take diversity, inclusion and sustainability into account as fundamental elements of their success.

Bold Stories | Narrative Strategies | Business storytelling

Be bold with us.

Program an Experience

Think like a storyteller and plan your happy ending in just two days with the Bold Stories Experience: an immersive, experiential process that’s fast, fun, and high-performing. For brands, teams and people.

Discover which Bold Character you are thanks to our Bold Stories Test and build the business storytelling model most suitable for you. Turn by turn of events, you will invent the story that narrates the future you would like to see, and devise strategies to actually make it come true.

People already have all the answers, but they often don’t know they have them. We help them ask themselves the right questions.
/ Cristina Maurelli and Giuditta Rossi, co-founders, Bold Stories.

Be bold, tell your story.

Step into your future with our Bold Stories Model®.

We created the Bold Stories Model® to allow brands, teams and people to find their true identity and come up with a winning strategy to achieve their goals and build their future. Our model develops and strengthens the process of Storytelling Thinking©, which uses story ideation techniques — particularly cinematic ones — to shape processes of change and growth.
Thanks to our Bold Stories Model®, you can reframe your ways of thinking and acting and analyze reality and your own story in order to formulate innovative processes and accomplish your projects.

Bold Stories | Narrative Strategies | Business storytelling

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